Welcome to Chango!

What is Chango?

Chango is a SQL Data Lakehouse Platform based on trino which is a popular query engine.
All the users who have experienced trino can use chango easily.

Chango introduces the concept of trino gateway which routes trino queries to upstream backend trino clusters dynamically.
If one of the backend trino clusters has been exhausted, then trino gateway will route queries to the trino cluster which is executing less requested queries.

Make Life Simpler

As developers to write streaming applications, they don’t want to install streaming platform like kafka cluster and write additional spark streaming job to insert incoming events to chango.
Just call a class method to insert a lot of incoming events to chango.

As data engineers to join and insert external data sources to chango, just add trino catalogs to chango.

As data scientists to analyze excel with a lot of rows, it is better for them to run queries rather than struggle with long excel.
Just upload excel to chango, and query it with chango.

Chango will make your life more simpler than before.

Getting Started

To get started with Chango, please see Getting Started with Chango.

Chango Price

To plan your chango cluster, you should understand the process of initializing chango cluster.
If chango cluster is initialized, chango will provision a kubernetes cluster and deploy chango components like trino gateway, operators on the kubernetes nodes which is called Chango Component Node.
After all the chango components are deployed on Chango Component Node, chango will deploy a trino cluster on another kubernetes nodes which is called Chango Trino Node.
That is, after chango cluster initialization, the following compute instances will be created.

  • Chango Component Node: 16GB, 4CPU Compute Instance x 3
  • Chango Trino Node: Compute Instances with the capacity which you entered when chango cluster initialized.

  • Chango Component Node must be in active status and not be shutdown. However, you can create and delete trino clusters everytime you want, it means, Chango Trino Node can be removed and created dynamically.

    Regarding to chango usage cost, you should take a note that the cost of compute instances is the sume of the cost of Chango Component Node and the cost of Chango Trino Node.

    Except that the cost of compute instance will be calculated hourly, the cost of the others like block volume, object storage and load balancer will be calculated monthly.

    Take a note that the currency of the following price list is USD.

    Compute Instance
    Product Unit price Unit
    Compute - Instance - Standard - CPU $0.1 CPU per hour
    Compute - Instance - Standard - Memory $0.006 Gigabyte per hour

    Load Balancer
    Product Unit price Unit
    Load Balancer Standard $8.47 Load Balancer Instance per month

    Product Unit price Unit
    Block Volume $0.0255 Gigabyte storage capacity per month
    Object Storage - Standard $0.0255 Gigabyte storage capacity per month
    Object Storage - Requests $0.0034 10,000 requests per month

    Product Unit price Unit
    Outbound Data Transfer - Over 10 TB / Month $0.025 Gigabyte Outbound Data Transfer per month


    If you have any questions about Chango, please send message to Cloud Chef Labs.

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